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Tel: +44 (0)1277 228888 - Main Switchboard
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Now that Amstrad have an official web site you may be best addressing any enquiries to This is especially true for questions that are not about computers!

To email me ( click the image to the right - but only to ask computer questions - not for spares or manuals etc.
image by J Lawson
However, whichever you choose to use, please read the WHOLE of the next section...

Please read this FIRST! .......

NOTE: Could I politely suggest you re-read this site before emailing because a lot of questions I get asked ARE answered here. Especially the one about getting spare parts - that company CPC, listed here really ARE the best place if you need some bit or a manual! The second most common thing I'm asked even though the answer is here (several times!!) is about Windows drivers for DMP/LQ printers - please read this first.

As an alternative to private email, there is a publically accessible list of Amstrad questions and answers that you may prefer to use so that others may benefit from the answer to your question. If you'd like to read/contribute then click here.

As I am also the sysop for the Amstrad section within GO UKIT on Compuserve so for anyone with CIS access that's a good place to find and converse with me as others may benefit from the answers. My CIS ID is 75300,1517 (aka however I can't guarantee to log on every day so if you want a quick response it is far better to email me at the address given above.

Freeserve member?

Presumably because so many of you are now members of Dixon's Freeserve I am finding that almost 50% of the messages sent from this page are from and almost every one of those messages arrives as a two part message with both a plain text AND and HTML copy of the same message which is hugely wasteful of internet resources.

Perhaps you did not know that your default setting in Outlook Express means you always send multipart message with both text and HTML versions of the same thing? So you're sending more than twice as much data as you need to and most people will never read the HTML version unless they also run MS OE.

If you want to stop it, in Outlook use Tools | Options | "Send" Tab and switch the blob to "Plain Text" under "Mail sending format". To switch it off for an individual message (when you don't know if the recipient has Outlook) Use "Plain Text" on the Format menu in the Compose window.

Remember that the majority of email programs will not read HTML format messages and you are just "bunging up" the internet by sending them.

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