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Welcome to Amstrad's web site - at present this is as close as you'll get to a full - (but I'm working on that!)

This site is not entirely "official" as it's just something I work on when I've got a spare moment but my name's Cliff Lawson and I'm a software engineer who's been working for Amstrad since 1984. I've been involved with virtually all of our computer projects and can sometimes help out if you have a problem.

Amstrad do have a link to the internet so my preferred email address is given here but I have to warn people that I'm perpetually busy which means that I find very little time for answering questions either sent to my email or posted on Compuserve. However, if it's an easy question I will endeavour to respond.

Note: I can't help with enquiries about spare parts and lost manuals (instead, see this) and I know nothing about satellite, TV, audio, etc. - (for those see this).

Recent Amstrad history

Rumours have circulated that Amstrad has gone out of business, that isn't true but what did happen is that in a deliberate move on 31st July 1997 Amstrad plc shares ceased to trade on the London Stock Exchange so at that point it WAS true that "Amstrad" as a company effectively no longer existed. However this was just because of a share split of the original Amstrad into Viglen Technology plc and Betacom plc. Later, at the Betacom AGM at the end of November 1997 it was decided that the Betacom company name should be changed back to Amstrad plc so we're back for business as usual as if nothing had ever happened! (For more details of our histroy follow the link in the next paragraph).

And for budding MBAs....

My main goal for this web site is technical support of our ageing computers but the fact is that I get a HUGE number of business students asking about Amstrad's history - both financial and managerial - so I've put together this page which has been collated from the myriad questions and answers I've written in emails on this subject.

Links to Amstrad related companies

The following are links to companies which Amstrad are, or have been, heavily connected with.

Viglen logo
Viglen Our ex-subsiduary who sell PCs and
support some later Amstrad PC models.
Dataflex logo
Dataflex Our ex-subsiduary who sell modems.
Dancall logo
Dancall The Danish mobile phone company we used to own.
Wiedmann logo
Wiedmann A German company that provides some Amstrad
support/spares (in German - naturally!)
Locomotive logo
Locomotive The people who wrote Locoscript for the PCW
Exnet logo
Exnet The company that maintains the AMSTRAD.COM domain for me.

Still haven't found what you're looking for?

Search I hope you'll find the information you require on these pages but if all else fails you could use my own personal home page to try looking else where on the net. Just click the globe on the left to gain total enlightenment.

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