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Welcome to the web site of the Dutch Hobby Computer Club, Amstrad Gebruikers Group, last modified on November 19, 2012. This site is optimised for use with a resolution of 1.024x768 pixels and is under (everlasting) construction. The following topics are available now:

  1. Purpose of the user group
  2. News & bulletin (in Dutch)
  3. Activities
  4. Liability in law
  5. Amstrad PCW and PcW "Joyce"
  6. Amstrad Colour Personal Computers: CPC
  7. Amstrad PC 1512 & PC 1640
  8. Amstrad Notepad Notebook NC 100/150/200
  9. Amstrad PenPad PDA-600
  10. Amstrad Portable Personal Computers: PPC 512 en 640
  11. Amstrad NoteBook ANB-386SX20
  12. Amstrad Laptop: ALT-386SX en ALT-286
  13. Amstrad PC2086/30
  14. Amstrad PC2386/65
  15. Amstrad PC7486SLC
  16. Amstrad Mega
  17. Amstrad Integra P1 75mHz
  18. Amstrad GX4000 games console
  19. Amstrad printers
  20. Amstrad Index Phone and E-M@iler
  21. Amstrad off-topic products (not computer-related)
  22. Frequently asked questions FAQ (will load in a new window).
  23. site map and dates of last changes.

Use our contact form to communicate with us: we will reply (on applicable, Amstrad computer-related messages) by regular e-mail. We will erase messages as soon as possible to avoid 'ripping' of e-mail addresses by spammers.